Who’ll write PBC’s 300,000th post?

Who’ll write PBC’s 300,000th post?

    Can someone stop Roger reaching a milestone point for the THIRD time?

Within the next two-three days the number of posts that have been submitted to PBC since we started in March 2004 will top the 300,000 mark. This is a major milestone and thanks to all of you for making the site what it – the UK’s leading political discussion forum.

We got through the six figure mark on October 25th 2005 when Roger managed to make the 100,000th contribution. Amazing it was Roger again on June 9th 2006 who had the honour of writing the 250,000th post.

What has been very good is that in spite of the huge traffic we have not been forced to insist on pre-registration or have all comments being moderated. We have also not had to resort to that irritating “copy the letters” from the box anti-spam control mechanism.

Amazingly we are still a site where people of all allegiances can feel comfortable being and thanks to everybody for helping us keep it that way.

Now who can stop Roger? There are about 800 comments to go.

Mike Smithson

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