Cameron gets Prescott poll boost

Cameron gets Prescott poll boost

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    BPIX gives the Tories a 10% lead and puts the LDs on 15%?

British Polling Index has carried out another of its intermittent surveys for the Mail on Sunday. The pollster has not been listed as a member of the British Polling Council and whenever I have requested further information my emails have been ignored.

In its first published survey for the paper since April BPIX has the Tories on 41%, Labour 31%, with the Lib Dems at 15%. The 10 point margin would be enough to give David Cameron a working Commons majority.

The findings are in sharp contrast to the last poll by an established pollster – ICM’s one point Tory lead reported a week ago. The next mainstream survey is likely to be by Populus in the Times in the next few days. If this is showing even a proportion of the BPIX Tory lead then the latest chapter of the Prescott affair is surely taking its toll on the Government.

On Prescott today’s survey had 71% saying he was either incompetent or a baffoon. His positive score is 19%.

On Brown v Cameron’s BPIX had 40 per cent saying Cameron would make the better Prime Minister and 35 per cent backing Brown.

I would be more confident about the pollster if it was more transparent.

Mike Smithson

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