Sean Fear’s local elections competition

Sean Fear’s local elections competition


    “…and the winner is….”

As one reader of this site picked up a few days ago, the winner was Lewis Baston, who correctly predicted the outcome of 26 out of the 32 contests in London. If he’d like to e-mail me on then I’ll arrange for Amazon to e-mail him his prize.

Overall, no one performed badly, (the lowest score was 18), and almost all of the entries scored in the range 21-24 (I scored 23). John O’Sullivan deserves a special mention for being the only person to correctly predict the outcome in Ealing, and for getting the first 14 answers correct, a run which no one else bettered.

So far as I can tell, no one predicted the outcome in Islington correctly, and everyone predicted the outcomes in Newham, Bromley, Westminster, and Wandsworth correctly.
If anyone thinks they scored higher than 26, please let me know.

There were by-election results for yesterday:
Derbyshire Dales DC – Lathkill and Bradford: Ind unopposed. Ind hold.
Epsom and Ewell BC – Stoneleigh: Residents 597, Con 560. Lib Dem 209, Lab 72. Residents gain from Con.
Scarborough BC – Ramshill: Con 258, Ind 244, Lab 174, Lib Dem 71. Con hold. However, Labour did top the poll in this ward in 2003, and this represents a very poor performance from them.
Scarborough BC – Stepney: Green 341, Con 253, Lib Dem 209, Lab 181, BNP 154, Ind 96. Green gain from Con. A strikingly good performance from the Green Party, who edge a bit closer to 100 councillors nationwide.
Wansbeck DC Guide Post: Lab 457, Lib Dem 202, Con 85. Labour Hold.
South Lanarkshire Scottish UA Biggar, Symington & Blackmount: Con 816, SNP 523, Ind 295, Lab 87 Conservative gain from SNP.

Sean Fear is a Tory activist in London

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