PB.C Flashback and other site news

PB.C Flashback and other site news

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Introducing PB.C Flashback
At the site party in January Mike Killingworth (Innocent Abroad) suggested that the archives should be kept because they give an interesting snapshot of what people were thinking at a particular time. As a result I have taken the thread of May 5-6th last year, General Election night, and produced an edited version of the interaction on the site from 9.30 pm to 1am the following morning. It makes a great read and I’ve put it as one of our permanent pages listed in the column on the right.

Editor to do five day week – volunteers wanted.
After two years of posting daily with only one break, when Philip Grant (Book Value) covered, I have decided that I need to reduce my commitment to PB.C from seven to five days a week. So from next weekend, unless something big breaks, I will not be posting articles on Saturday or Monday mornings. But the level of discussion is such that we still need to have a post on those days and I am looking for volunteers who might like to write the introductions.

For Saturday morning it would be really good to have a comprehensive list and commentary on the Thursday local council by-elections. This would become a regular feature. Is there anybody who can help. Please email me.

Overnight Sunday-Monday I would like to experiment with something called “The Monday Column – the Guest slot”This would be a reflective piece and might come from someone with a specialist knowledge. Thus an article on the US mid-term elections would be very welcome as would be separate articles on how people see the states of the main parties in this time of change. Don’t submit anything but if you have any ideas then please email me.

New Site Masthead.
This is being changed. Out will be going Charles Kennedy and Simon Hughes. They are being replaced by Ming Campbell and David Miliband.

Mike Smithson

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