Was Blair’s leaflet attack an own goal?

Was Blair’s leaflet attack an own goal?


    Did the Cameron “flip-flop” attack bring Iraq into the campaign?

Just 19 hours before polls opened in the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election Tony Blair produced a leaflet at Prime Minister’s Questions to reinforce his attacks on David Cameron for flip-flopping.

It had been delivered to the seat’s most famous resident, Gordon Brown, and Blair quoted comments from it on the Tory policy on Iraq. This completely undermined David Cameron and there was general agreement that the Prime Minister’s performance was the best so far against the new Tory leader.

    But in retrospect was it wise to raise Iraq – Labour most unpopular policy by far, on the eve of the by-election. For at the the General Election the Lib Dems’ opposition to the war on Iraq was its most popular policy and caused many votes to shift.

Did Tony Blair’s reminder on Wednesday depress the Labour vote and boost the Lib Dems?

Thanks to Alex for a comment on the previous thread for making this point.

Mike Smithson

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