Will Galloway be voted out?

Will Galloway be voted out?


    Respect MP at 0.22/1 for the next Big Brother eviction

In what looks like his first electoral test since taking Bethnal Green and Bow from Labour’s Oona King at the General Election George Galloway could be voted out of the Big Brother house on Wednesday.

We do not normally cover “Big Brother” on PB.C and do not claim any expertise on the programme – but the role of Respect’s only MP puts this into the political arena and there’s little doubt that there will be political consequences following his appearance in the programme.

    The latest developments in the show make him the odds-on favourite in the betting to be booted out next. Betfair have him at 0.22/1.

Galloway went into the “Big Brother House”, apparently, in the expectation that he could attack the Tony Blair for hours on end and have a large young audience. As it has turned out the producers have managed to blank out much of his political commentary and what has been seen is the MP doing humiliating tasks.

I cannot help but sense that Galloway’s likely eviction is not going to be the end of the story for the MPs. Does he realise yet, for instance, that much of what he has said has been blanked out?

Watch this space.

Mike Smithson

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