Lib Dems down to 16% with BPIX

Lib Dems down to 16% with BPIX


    But why won’t the pollster answer any questions?

The pollster for the Mail on Sunday, BPIX, reports a big drop in support for the Lib Dems in a survey this morning which is not available online. Its shares are with comparisons on the last published BPIX poll in November are CON 38 (+3): LAB 38(+1): LD 16 (-4).

BPIX is not listed as a member of the British Polling Council and has never responded to my requests for information about its surveys. Its web-site has been “under construction” for months.

If the pollster was a member of the BPC it would be in breach of the transparency requirements.

Other points from the poll:-

  • Those surveyed split 41-14 agreeing that David Cameron is a “genuinely different, more sympathetic kind of Conservative”
  • There was a split of 41-23 disagreeing with the notion that “Cameron is just an imitation of Blair”
  • Of those surveyed 36% said they would be more likely to vote Tory because of Cameron’s stance on greenhouse gases.
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