How vulnerable is Cameron on the Eton issue?

How vulnerable is Cameron on the Eton issue?

    It’s 7/4 that he’ll visit his old school during 2006

Amongst a range of rather weak special bets from Paddy Power on David Cameron there’s one that could be quite interesting because it touches a bigger issue – his background as an Etonian.

Whenever former pupils achieve positions like that which Cameron will secure on Tuesday there is real pride at the institutions where they studied. Eton, for all its glories, will not escape that and there’s probably a good chance that the incoming Tory leader will be invited back.

How is the 39 year old Notting Hill cyclist and cigarette smoker going to handle that? In the leadership contest itself the “Eton thing” has never become an issue but the electorate was the party itself. In the wider world things might be different and, no doubt even this weekend, Labour strategists are working out whether this can be used to attack him.

And if it does become an issue would Cameron be wise keep well away from his old school. Lots of interesting issues ahead.

This is the full list of Paddy Power David Cameron 2006 specials.

  • 6/4 Replace the Tory party’s current flaming torch logo
  • 7/4 To visit his former school Eton College during 2006
  • 8/1 To announce withdrawal from the EU as official Tory policy during 2006
  • 33/1 To be pictured in a national newspaper smoking cannabis during 2006
  • 100/1 To resign as an MP and become a cocktail bartender during 2006
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    Mike Smithson

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