The PB.C Tory Leadership Predictor Award – Round 1

The PB.C Tory Leadership Predictor Award – Round 1


    How many votes will each get in Tuesday’s ballot?

We’ve argued about it for six months and on Tuesday the first ballots will be cast in the 2005 Tory leadership election. How is this going to go?

  • Will front-runner David Cameron be hurt by not answering the drug questions?
  • Will former front-runner David Davis cruise into the next round as easily as his number of declared supporters suggest – or will some change their minds in the secrecy of the polling booth?
  • Can the third-time contender, Ken Clarke, make any progress now he’s adapted his position on the EU?
  • Could the right-winger, Liam Fox, be the dark-horse of this contest after apparently being out of it for so long?
  • The competition has been devised by Paul Maggs who will handle the entries.

    How many votes will each of the candidates receive in the first ballot of MPs on 18th October? Your total should not exceed 198.

    For each of the candidates, your score is simply the difference between your prediction and the result. Your score for the candidates is then added up. The player with the lowest overall score will win the competiton.

    Please post your entry before 6pm on Monday evening.

    Mike Smithson

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