How will individual papers line up on the Tory leadership?

How will individual papers line up on the Tory leadership?

    How will editors be influenced by the events in Blackpool?

With the final decision over the next Tory leader being in the hands of the party’s grass-roots a key dimension will be how the press, particularly the traditional Tory-backers, line up behind the different candidates.

The media views and endorsements could be critical this weekend as Tory MPs go back to their constituencies and get feedback ahead of the parliamentary party’s shortlisting election at Westminster.

In 2001 it is generally acknowledged that the Daily Telegraph’s endorsement of IDS played a critical role. Will the paper be so forthright again and if so which way will it go? We quoted one of their journalists here earleir but clearly this is a decision that will be made at the very highest level

The Daily Mail has been backing Ken Clarke – is that going to stick or might it jump on the Cameron band-wagon?

What about the Murdoch Times and the Sun? Will they opt for the anti-EU Liam Fox or might they go with Cameron or Davis. It is hard to see Clarke getting any help here.

The PB.C Leadership Survey
Site problems caused by abnormal levels of demand have caused us to put back our survey on how site users think that Tory members will rate the candidates. Things have changed a bit in the meantime but for the record these are the figures that Paul Maggs has kindly produced.

Overall you gave Ken Clarke an average score of 6.51, Davis 6.27, Cameron 5.77 and Fox 5.02. On the specific attributes David Davis came top for his personal CV and policy portfolio while Ken Clarke came top on speaking/media skills and looking most like an election winner.

Cameron came bottom on personal CV, Clarke on the policy portfolio, Davis on speaking/media skills and Fox on being a likely election winner.

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