Is Davis’s privilege rhetoric taking him onto dangerous ground?

Is Davis’s privilege rhetoric taking him onto dangerous ground?

    Cameron’s price tightens as the Davis price eases

Just as contenders for the 2012 Olympic city should avoid references to the gastronomy of the other cities then it might be wise for Tory leadership hopefuls to keep off the subject of the background of their opponents?

Is it sensible for the runaway favourite, David David, to make references in a manner that can be seen as an attack on the old-Etonian, David Cameron, as he continues to position himself as the man best able to lead the party.

    Surely the wise thing is to let others refer to his council estate upbringing and make the comparison with the Shadow Education Secretary? Davis should avoid the subject completly.

The problem, like in this piece by Andrew Grice in the Independent, is that when he uses the word, privilege it’s seens as an attack on the only other serious candidate to have emerged, David Cameron. Everybody within the party knows this about the main contenders so why is Davis raising it? Best leave this to others.

Meanwhile there’s been a shift in the betting towards David Cameron who has seen his price tighten to 4/1. The best you can get on Davis has eased a bit to 8/15.

Could it be that this leadership election will return to form with the early favourite being pipped at the post?

Mike Smithson

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