The 2012 Olympic Bid – the money goes on London

The 2012 Olympic Bid – the money goes on London


    Would success here boost Tony Blair’s position

The betting prices on London’s 2012 Olympic bid have tightened sharply following today’s report inspection report which praised the planning that had gone into the submission.

On the international Tradesports market London’s price moved from the equivalent of about 10/1 to 6/1. Paris, meanwhile, retained its heavy front runner status but eased from about 1/9 to 1/7.

The best UK bookmaker price on London is now just 7/2 while the Betfair betting exchange comes in at about 6.2/1.

What would be the impact on domestic politics if London gets the games? Given the chauvinisitc way that the London-based media would cover the new it would, surely reinforce further the position of the Prime Minister who has closely associated himself with the bid? It would be a nice international bonus during Blair’s Presidency of the EU and the G8.

Mike Smithson

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