More good polling news for Tony Blair

More good polling news for Tony Blair

    Labour maintains its 3% YouGov lead as activists wait to watch the postal votes being opened

A YouGov poll in Monday’s Telegraph has CON 33 (nc) 36(nc): LD 24 (+1). An ICM poll might be published as well overnight and we will update this as soon as it is available.

Overall the figures are very stable with the CON-LAB split staying about the same and the Lib Dems showing an improvement.

It has been a quiet day on the betting markets and there was no balance of money prediction for Sunday because the figures had hardly moved on Satuday.

The next big development in this campaign should come on Tuesday when postal votes will start to be processed. This activity is watched by party activists and some information could filter out about which party is doing best and how some key marginals are doing

This is likely to have a major impact on the betting from Tuesday.

Mike Smithson

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