Balance of Money Predictions – May 2

Balance of Money Predictions – May 2

  • Predicted Labour majority 80 seats (+2)
  • Predicted vote shares LAB 37 ( -0.3) : CON 33.2 (-0.4): LD 22.2 (+0.2)
  • Labour’s projected majority in our balance of money prediction based on the collective decisions of spread-betting gamblers sees the party move up two seats. This is caused almost entirely by the sad death of the Liberal Democrat candidate in Staffordshire which means that there will be no election in this Tory stronghold on Thursday.

    The vote share projection show moves against Labour and the Tories towards the Lib Dems. All this is in line with the latest polls. It should be noted that the spread markets are based on all-UK figures while the opinion polls report their figures on a GB basis excluding Northern Ireland and the latter are roughly 0.97 of the former. So a Labour spread of 37-37.5% equates roughly to 38.1%-38.6% when comparing with an opinion poll.

    The regular BALANCE OF MONEY predictions are based on how spread betting gamblers are investing their money on all the main UK markets from Spreadfair, IG Index, and Sporting Index.

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    Mike Smithson

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