The “BALANCE OF MONEY” Predictions April 25th

The “BALANCE OF MONEY” Predictions April 25th

    Gamblers put Blair’s majority up a further 4 seats
  • UK vote shares: LAB 37.4 (nc): CON 33.65 (+0.25) : LD 21.5 (nc )
  • Election Outcome LAB majority 80 seats (+4)
  • The sentiment continues to move towards Labour and today’s balance of money prediction shows that spread gamblers are putting their money behind Tony Blair being returned with a majority of 80 – the highest point of the campaign. Although this would be about half the current the current level and many Labour MPs would lose their seats it this would be a satisfact0ry outcome for the party.

    On the betting markets the big focus over the weekend has been on the Lib Dem decapitation list” – the senior Tories who are fighting off strong Lib Dem challenges.

    NOTE: The regular BALANCE OF MONEY predictions are based on how spread betting gamblers are investing their money on all the main UK markets from Spreadfair, IG Index, and Sporting Index

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    Mike Smithson

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