Latest election betting round up

Latest election betting round up

    Bookies prepare for £50 million election betting rush

With polling just ten days away the betting industry is preparing for a record level of betting on the General Election. There are well over 200 separate things that you can bet on ranging from a huge array of spread markets to the betting exchanges and, of course, the traditional bookmakers.

Our list of the marginal seats where online betting is available grows by the day and, in many cases, there are a number of bookmaker options available. Other markets are featured here.

The main “which party wins most seats” market has seen a huge expansion of business as many have been tempted by what they see as certain returns on Labour. The betting exchange, Betfair is tending to provide slightly better value here.

On the spread-betting markets the latest seat spreads are:-
Sporting Index: LAB 360-365: CON 190-195: LD 64-67: SNP 5.1-5.4: PC 4.3 -4.6: Respect 0.3-0.6: UKIP 0.1-0.4

IG Index LAB 360-365: CON 190-195: LD 64-67: SNP 5.1-5.4: PC 4.4 -4.7: DUP 8.7 – 9.2: SF 5.1 – 5.6: UUP 1.5 – 2.0: SDLP 1.7 – 2.2: UKIP 0.1-0.4: RES 0.3-0.8

KEEPING POLITICALBETTING GOING This site is run by my son, Robert and I because we like discussing and betting on politics. It is not a commercial venture but we do seek to defray at least part of our costs from commissions we receive from bookmakers when accounts are opened or bets are placed using the links on the site. We would be grateful if when betting you could use the links. Many thanks.

Mike Smithson

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