MORI – Tories move to second place in Scotland

MORI – Tories move to second place in Scotland

    Big slump for SNP

A Mori Poll published tonight on Scottish TV has the Tories in second place in the country where they won just one of the 72 seats at the 2001 General Election. The poll is remarkable because the SNP has been pushed into third equal place with the Lib Dems.

The figures are with comparisons on the 2001 General Election result : LAB 47 (+4): CON 18 (+2): SNP 15 (-5): LD 15 (-1).

We’ve commented here before about the volatility of Scottish polls and the tendency to over-state Labour and the SNP and to understate the Tories and Lib Dems. So these figures are good news for Michael Howard and will be a disappointing for Alex Salmond MP, Leader Scottish National Party. What is odd about the poll is that the survey started in January and finished on Tuesday – so how mich this can be regarded as current opinion we do not know.

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Mike Smithson

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