Labour up 14% in Scotland

Labour up 14% in Scotland

    Big boost for Blair north of border

Huge changes in public opinion in Scotland in just 17 days are recorded in a Scottish Opinion Poll in today’s Daily Record. The figures are with changes on the last SOP reported here just over two weeks ago are:- LAB 52 (+14): CON 16 (+1): LD 12 (-11): SNP 17 (+1).

In that last poll in mid-March SOP had the Lib Dems up a massive 12% and Labour down 10% so today’s figures are a bit of a reversal.

    These new figures have Labour at 9% higher than the party achieved north of the border in 2001 and would indicate even more gains for Tony Blair’s party on May 5th.

We are a little sceptical of polls showing such massive swings in opinion.

IG Index – have reduced the Tory spread by one to 198-203 seats.

Mike Smithson

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