A new market on Commons seats

A new market on Commons seats

An interesting new market on how many seats each of the main parties will win has been launched by Skybet. The structure is similar to the one that Bet365 recently had but with the seat options at levels more in keeping with current forecasts.

The markets make a good alternative for those wanting decent prices but are not willing to take the risks or get involved with the complications of spreadbetting.

Labour seats
7/4 0-340
15/8 340-365
6/4 365+

Conservative seats
5/4 0-190
2/1 190-205
15/8 205 +

Lib Dem Seats
7/4 0-65
6/4 65-70
5/4 70+

With these bets we like to look for value at the open-ended bottom or top ranges. With the Tories and Labour the mid-ranges are very much in line with current spread prices. With the Lib Dems however the latest spread prices are above 70 seats. If there is a value bet here it is the 5/4 on Charles Kennedy’s party getting more than 70.

No doubt some smart Politicalbetting users will find ways of combining these bets with the spread markets as Jon did so well two or three weeks ago.

Mike Smithson

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