New site design

New site design

Regular users will notice that we’ve changed the design of the site. Thanks to my son Robert and his partner, Lucille, for the work they’ve done.

The new masthead features pictures of the US President, the possible challengers for next time, the three main UK party leaders and politicians we think might play a future leadership role. For Labour Gordon Brown is obvious but, a bit with a tongue in our cheeks we’ve chosen Boris Johnson for the Tories and Lembit Opik, who is not known to be publicity-shy, for the Lib Dems.

So running across the logo it is:-
Condoleezza Rice, Charles Kennedy, Boris Johnson, Michael Howard, Tony Blair, Lembit Opik, George Bush, Gordon Brown, Hilary Clinton.

The next phase of the site change will be a better structure for the discussion forums.

We have been getting overwhelmed with spam on the forums so we’ve now established a blocker that does not allow any comments to go on which have 3 URLs or more in them. We are sure that this will not cause a problem.

Comments are now back working again.

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