Tories move up – Lib Dems move down in spread markets

Tories move up – Lib Dems move down in spread markets

    Has the sentiment moved a bit to Michael Howard?

For the first time for weeks there’s been some movement on the spread markets. After staying almost static for nearly a month IG have marked the Tories up 2 seats and the Lib Dems down 2. The latest prices are:-

LAB 340-348 (n/c): CON 202-210 (+2): LIBD 68-72 (-2)

    Both these price changes were anticipated by Politicalbetting.

After strongly saying BUY LD from 58 seats upwards in June we advised site users to SELL and take a profit when the price reached 72-77. It never got any higher and our call came right at the top of the market.

On Tuesday when the Populus Poll came out we predicted that the Tory spread price would rise a little. It has done.

These are not big changes but it does show that there is some life in the market. We observe that the Populus Poll in the Times seems to affect betting more than other polls. This is probably because the paper gives bigger coverage and its polls do seem to command more attention.

We might see a further slight improvement in the Tory position perhaps at the expense of one or two
Labour seats next time.

Meanwhile the SportingIndex spread market still seems to be suspended. There have not been any prices at all published for about a week.

Political betting odds round-up.

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