Three out of five polls give it to Kerry

Three out of five polls give it to Kerry

Three of the latest five national opinion polls on the White House race have Kerry in the lead according to the new round-up just out. The polls are:

Kerry 49 Bush 47 – DCorps
Kerry 46 Bush 49 – Zogby
Kerry 49 Bush 48 – ABC
Kerry 50 Bush 48 – Washington Post
Kerry 43 Bush 49 – TIPP

The latest electoral vote calculations based on state polls have it Kerry 247 to Bush 286. The score-chart has it Bush 276 Kerry 262. Almost all of the surveys involved took place earlier than the national polls.

Betting has also been heavy for Kerry on the US focused betting exchange, Tradesports, where it’s now Bush 55.5 – Kerry 44.5. More money has been going on there being a prolonged legal wrangle before the result is known. It’s now about 7/2 compared with 4/1 three days ago.

The best UK prices are 13/10 on Kerry and 4/6 on Bush.

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