The genius of George Osborne: His government’s failure on the deficit is being ignored

December 4th, 2014

Osborne changes the narrative yet again

Given that the key objective of the coalition government since May 2010 has been to deal with the deficit then you would have thought that the failure to meet targets on this key matter would have been the dominant part of the media’s coverage of yesterday’s autumn statement.

I’ve clipped most of the front pages above and you’d be hard to find even a reference. The change in the way stamp duty on house purchase will be levied in future is the key theme.

    Yesterday reminded me of his brilliant move in October 2007 when the Tories were trailing in the polls and all the talk was of Gordon Brown calling a snap election. Osbo made an announcement on what a CON government would do with inheritance tax laws and at one stroke the media narrative changed. Brown & Co were totally wrong-footed and a few days later the Autumn 2007 general election place was shelved. Labour never recovered.

Will the same hold this time just five months before election day? Will the failure to meet targets on deficit reduction simply be sidelined. Judging by the front pages then that looks likely.

Mike Smithson

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