Ipsos-Mori becomes the third pollster in less than a week to show a record high for UKIP

October 15th, 2014

Following on from Survation and YouGov recording their highest ever shares for UKIP, Ipsos-Mori joins the party, and has their highest ever share for UKIP.

Labour will be relieved to be back in the lead, but as with other pollsters, we’re seeing some historically low shares for the Con and Lab combined.

Labour will be alarmed that Ed’s ratings continue to slide, and are perilously close to Nick Clegg’s ratings.

For me the most interesting finding from this polling was this

More of the British public now disagree that voting UKIP in a general election is a wasted vote than agree. Just under half (48%) disagree that a general election vote for UKIP is a wasted vote, compared with 41% who agree. This is a turnaround from earlier this year – last month, prior to the Clacton by-election, 50% thought a UKIP vote was a vote wasted and 41% disagreed; in May, some 57% thought voting UKIP was a wasted vote and just 33% disagreed.

So those expecting the UKIP to fade by the General Election maybe in for a surprise, as people won’t view their UKIP vote as a wasted vote.