Exactly 10 months till GE2015 and LAB moves to 7 point leads with both Populus and Lord Ashcroft

July 7th, 2014

So was that the Junkers boost that was?

Just a week ago the Ashcroft phone poll recorded a CON lead of 2%. Last Friday Populus had the Tories just 1% behind.

Well things look very different today with two polls both having LAB with a margin of 7%.

Generally whenever a poll produces figures that are out of the ordinary we wisely say wait to see if this shift is seen in other surveys.

Well that’s certainly happened today and Labour must feel pretty pleased. Tonight’s YouGov could be interesting.

This could take the pressure of EdM and add to the pressure on Cameron.

Both polls also show the LDs doing, in their terms, okay.

Mike Smithson

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