Lord Ashcroft has not unexpected gloomy news for the LDs in the battles where they are most vulnerable to LAB

July 1st, 2014

But the choice of seats ignores the interesting battles

Sorry about the delay in getting this up but I’ve been in London all day and have only just got back.

The figures are what you’d expect and the seats selected for the poll are the ones where Clegg’s party is likely to struggle most so the extrapolation from the four listed paints a very bad picture

Undoubtedly the yellows will suffer badly at the hands of the red team but they will do better where there are strong, well-recognised local incumbents like Simon Hughes and Lynn Featherstone.

In general elections you do not vote for a party or a leader but for an individual to be your representative at Westminster which is why naming candidates in polls can give a better picture.

    I agree with the view of UKPR’s Anthony Wells that “it’s a bit of a shame Ashcroft didn’t include some more challenging LD-Lab fights like Cambridge, Hornsey & Wood Green or Bermondsey.”

I’ve suggested to a couple of bookmakers that they run markets on the number of LD losses to LAB.

Mike Smithson

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