The coalition parties make progress in this week’s Ashcroft phone poll: LAB & UKIP down

June 9th, 2014

Things stabilising after EP14 & Newark

The latest Lord Ashcroft phone poll has just been published and sees the two coalition partners gaining a bit while LAB/UKIP slip back.

The effect is to reduce last week’s LAB 10% lead to 4%. Sounds dramatic but actually all changes are within the margin of error.

For the LDs and Nick Clegg this poll will come as a huge relief. Last week’s 6% was the lowest for the yellows in a phone poll in more than two decades.

    The most interesting detail from the poll is that just 14% of 2010 Lib Dems said they were now voting LAB. That is much lower than what we’ve been seeing and in sharp contrast to some of the Ashcroft’s polling of CON-LAB marginals reported on three weeks ago

He’s also promised that later this month there’ll be polling of the CON-LD marginals.

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