Was Theresa May on manoeuvres and did it cost her SPAD her job?

June 8th, 2014

Today’s front pages don’t make great reading for the Tories, and in particular Theresa May or Michael Gove.

The Sunday Times reports (££)

The row exposed deep rifts within the cabinet. Two cabinet ministers accused May of running a “tiresome” and “obvious” leadership campaign, picking a fight with Gove to boost her hopes of succeeding Cameron if he fails to win the next election.

“She’s like the date from hell,” one cabinet minister said. “She sidles up to you and asks if you would like to get together to discuss the future of the party. She’s very obvious about it.”

Sometimes one of the great indicators of whether a party is going to lose office shortly is that cabinet ministers start positioning themselves for the Leadership election that will follow a defeat.

If we start seeing more shenanigans like this from other Ministers, we can infer that senior Tories are not expecting to be in power post May 2015, bet accordingly.