Polling on whom would make the best Tory leader after Dave

June 8th, 2014

YouGov asked If David Cameron were to step down as leader of the Conservative Party, which of the following do you think would make the best leader?

It doesn’t make for good reading for Michael Gove, not too bad Theresa May, and good for Boris.

It is interesting, Boris leads Theresa May on every demographic in the graphic above and every age group except on the over 60s, and it’s a tie between Boris and May on females.

A couple of caveats, there’s a few people who are likely to stand in a future Conservative Leadership election, such as Philip Hammond and Jeremy Hunt, and the high number of Don’t Knows may make these findings not as relevant as others, but it is still useful to track.

Theresa May is now being spoken in the same breath as Gordon Brown, that will not be a good thing for her leadership ambitions. The next conhome polling on this topic should make for interesting reading.