Last Thursday’s local elections: Andy JS’s annual compilation of the actual vote totals from every ward that was fought

May 28th, 2014

UKIP winning almost one in six of all voters

Thanks to Andy JS who has done a brilliant job collecting and recording the data from each of the thousands of individual seats that were fought on May 22nd. This is the second year he has done this and provides a vital resource.

Generally he has had to go into every local authority website and transpose the detailed results from each individual ward onto his spreadsheet.

These figures differ considerably from the notional national vote extrapolations put out by the broadcasters and Professors Rallings and Thrasher on the night and on the following two days. They were serving a different purpose trying to relate the elections to a general election.

The reason why Labour appears to have done so well is that this year’s local were fought in areas that, in the main, were favourable to the party.

Mike Smithson

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