Key LAB policy moves are polling well but including EdM’s name in questions appears to be a negative

May 11th, 2014

Just 23% think EdM is “up to the job of being PM”

Above are four key policy areas tested in the latest YouGov poll and as can be seen the responses have been quite positive.

For three of the four areas even CON voters give them their backing. For the other, renationalising the railways, Tory voters split 42-42.

    The rest of the poll is not so good for the red team. To all questions that have Ed Miliband’s name in the wording the response is negative.

By 50-22 the sample thought Cameron is the most intellectually confident while 56% said he wasn’t up to being PM. Nearly a third of 2010 LAB voters took this view.

But the LAB vote is very tribal and we know from Ashcroft polling last year that Miliband polls well with the most precious votes of all, 2010 LD switchers.

Mike Smithson

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