Tonight’s Opinium online poll for the Observer sees the gap getting closer.

April 26th, 2014

LAB 34-2: CON 32+2: LD7=: UKIP 18=

After yesterday’s Populus poll which had both CON and LAB on 35% each the latest online poll from Opinium for the Observer sees a change from a 6% lead to a 2% one in the past fortnight.

This is all within the standard margin of error and the usual caveats apply.

Opinium is unusual in that it is the only online pollster that doesn’t past vote weight or use some other mechanism to ensure a politically balanced sample. It has tended to show UKIP at higher levels than most other firms.

There is no Euro Election poll which is a great shame – because that is less than four weeks away. The general election is a year off.

    Given the high level of media attention that UKIP has been enjoying because of the Euros I’d have expected this to be reflected in this survey. It isn’t The 18% share is the same as it was two weeks ago.

Nigel Farage, however, is the only one of the four leaders not to have negative approval ratings in the poll. His approval and disapproval figures are the same, Cameron is a net minus 8%, Miliband minus 22%, and Clegg at a net minus 42%.

Mike Smithson

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