For the first time ever in a Westminster seat a poll finds UKIP ahead

April 19th, 2014

If Survation for the MoS is right the LDs set to lose Eastleigh

You can get UKIP at 4/1 from Ladbrokes in Eastleigh which seems like a good bet.

I’ve long said the Eastleigh was UKIP’s best hope because of its performance in the February 2013 by-election.

This poll did not mention the names of candidates – just the parties. We do not know yet whether Diane James will be standing again for the purples. She is a great asset.

Survation also about asked Eastleigh Borough Council Voting Intention (May 22nd with the Euro Parl vote)

LD 39%
CON 23%
UKIP 27%
LAB 9%

Mike Smithson

2004-2014: The view from OUTSIDE the Westminster bubble