ComRes: No EP2014 poll boost for either Nigel or Nick following the TV debates

April 5th, 2014

LAB now moves into joint first place with UKIP

The first poll of the night is out – a Euros survey by ComRes for the People, and there’s very little change.

Both UKIP and the LDs will be disappointed not to have made any progress on the last such survey by the firm a month ago.

Fieldwork for the poll took place during the day of and the day after the second debate and it would appear to have had no noticeable effect on people’s voting intentions. Very similar proportions said they would vote for both UKIP and the Liberal Democrats before and after the debates.

The only move, which is well within the margin of error, is LAB up two so it is now alongside UKIP.

I’ve not seen the dataset yet but I assume that ComRes is following its normal pattern with EP polling of only including those saying they are 100% certain to vote.

Hopefully there will be more EP2014 polls later.

Mike Smithson

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