LAB lead down but Tories trail by 5 percent in first phone poll since the budget

March 24th, 2014

At last for LAB a poll with a lead bigger than 1

After three online pollsters had reported LAB leads down to just one percent there’ll perhaps be some relief at Miliband HQ that tonight’s ComRes phone poll for the Indy has the margin down to 5%

But the trend is the same. In February the gap was 8%.

Asked which of the two biggest parties was most likely to keep the economy growing, 47% say CON and 36% LAB.

Also CON has closed the gap on Ed Miliband’s chosen territory of living standards. Some 43% told ComRes they believed that LAB is most likely to make their family better off, with 37% saying CON. The LAB lead on this measure d has dropped from 10 to 6% since last September.

LAB (48%) is viewed as the party most likely to ensure pensioners have an adequate level of income in retirement, with 34% choosing the Tories. However, George Osborne’s reforms to pensions and savings seem to have appealed to the “grey vote”. Some 49% of those aged 65 and over say the Tories would be more likely to ensure pensioners have an adequate level of income, with only 36% of this group opting for LAB.

So all in all another good poll for the Tories. The big question is whether this will be sustained.

Mike Smithson

2004-2014: The view from OUTSIDE the Westminster bubble