Another poll finds the #IndyRef gap closing in Scotland but whoever the client was has so far sat on it

February 4th, 2014


PB reveals the mystery YouGov referendum survey

The big Scottish #IndyRef story over the past week had been the closing of the gap between those wanting independence and those opposed.

First was the ICM poll for Scotland on Sunday which was followed by TNS BMRB. Now another poll has emerged which also shows the same broad trend.

It’s from YouGov and the only information we have is from a summary PDF from the pollster featured above.

We have no idea who paid for this and why the results have not been published even though it is now a week old. Normally data doesn’t go onto YouGov’s summary tracker tables until the poll has come out officially.

In the past the No campaign – Better Together – has commssioned YouGov. Was it the client with this poll?

Whatever the numbers support the big trend that YES is making progress something that should worry those campaigning to retain Scotland in the UK.

Maybe this will all become clearer during the day but it is highly unusual for a poll like this to have, apparently, been withheld.

Mike Smithson

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