Suddenly what’s emerging as the key issue facing voters is not one where the Tories or Labour are setting the agenda

January 29th, 2014

Declining concerns about the economy take away a blue strong-point

In the latest YouGov poll Ed Miliband & Ed Balls sink to new low on who’s trusted to run economy … 24% v Cameron & Osborne on 39%; 15 point lead.

From the omnishambles of Osborne’s March 2012 budget the CON duo been increasing their crediblity on this issue while the Two Eds have been falling back.

That would be great for the blue team except for one thing – the improving economy and positive rhetoric is reducing the importance of the economy as a key issue facing voters.This is seen in the monthly Ipsos-MORI Issues Index which over four decades has established itself as the main guide to to salience.

The charts above show the changes and also the demographic breakdown of which segments are most concerned.

There’s not a lot of comfort for Labour here either which has traditionally been regarded as weaker on this than the Tories. The main beneficiary is, of course, UKIP.

The big unknown in the next fifteen months is whether support for the purples will ease off after this May’s Euro elections or will it be sustained.

Mike Smithson

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