Enter PB’s 1,000 pound AV referendum challenge?

Enter PB’s 1,000 pound AV referendum challenge?

Lurkers and posters alike make your predictions now

With just twelve weeks to go before the May 5th election the bookmakers, William Hills have agreed to provide a competition prize of £1,000 of free bets to the PBer who makes the closest prediction to the AV referendum result.

All you have got to do is to record on the thread below what you think the YES percentage will be to within two decimal points. The prize will got to the one who gets closest to the figure reported on the BBC website after all the counting has been completed and tabulated.

Once the result is known potential winners will need to make a claim by email to me and the winner will be announced as soon as possible.

You can make as many entries as you like before the comments on the thread close in three days time – but only the last one that you post here will count.

This is open to all visitors to PB irrespective of whether they are posters or lurkers. All you have to do is make sure that there is a valid email address (which will not be published) in the panel on the comment form.

My decision on the operation of the competition are, in my absolute discretion, final and by entering you accept that condition.

Best of luck.

The rest of the week: I en route to Cornwall today for a short break and won’t be too involved with the site. There are a number of good guest slots coming up. These include one from Richard Nabavi that has been re-scheduled from Monday Night, a first time piece from Lucian Fletcher and one from Sean Fear.

Mike Smithson

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