Do the blues need to do more to de-toxify the brand?

Do the blues need to do more to de-toxify the brand?


What do we think of the MORI leader/party “like/dislike” numbers?

One of Ipsos-MORI’s “hardy annuals” is this series of questions contrasting the like/dislike of the three main party leaders with voters views of their parties.

This is the first time since the general election and formation of the coalition government that these questions have been put and the summary of responses is featured above.

In terms of likeability Cameron comes out top with Clegg in second place and Miliband bottom. Maybe that will change over time as people get to know the latter better.

With the party figures the picture is reversed with more more liking Labour, the Lib Dems in second and the Tories third.

Ever since Cameron was election leader five years ago a key mission has been to “de-toxify” the brand and these findings suggest that there’s still work to be done.

Interestingly the Clegg-LDs like/dislike percentages come out the same.

Mike Smithson

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